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  Each DOLL was meticulously CRAFTED,
       using  classic PORCELAIN china              and dressed in       representations OF social normative OUTFITS."

My art doll display represents artificial ways of "fitting into society".

Each doll was meticulously crafted, using classic porcelain china and dressed in representations of social normative outfits, in contrast to the "freak" representation in society.  This display strives to become a part of a greater conversation and investigation of the way people change their external appearances according to strict social codes and their need for belonging.
​Throughout this artwork, in an array of colorful and imaginative hand-made dolls, I explore the fear of "standing out in the crowd"; of being different; society's rejection of the different; and finally, the yearning of individuals to be considered as "normal" and be accepted as equal.

Materials: porcelain, resin, silk, silk fibers, fabrics, preserved insects, dry leaves
Dimensions: 50X12X10cm (each doll).

Broken Beauty


WEe spend so long trying to be what other people want,
that when we LOOK in the mirror,
we see a stranger.” 

My display represents a torn woman that I sculpted out of porcelain, wearing an outfit that I have crafted out of dried glue. Scattered around her are her broken limbs.
My project adresses the topic of the ideal of beauty. I feel that society judges people and especially women, based on how they look. Society idolizes an unattainable image of beauty. This often makes women feel uncomfortable with their looks. In my opinion, the standarts of beuty today are very limited, centered on external qualities alone.
At first glance, my artdoll reflects an ideal beauty but a second glance reveals its broken nature. 
The translucent outfit made out of dried glue represents the artificial, which relates to the use of plastic surgeries  to reconstruct a woman's look.
I chose to craft this handmade doll out of porcelain because the medium porcelain is often connected with the highest levels of beauty, but it is also highly breakable.

I believe that in order to make our world a more equal and acceptable place, we as a society mustn't define a specific standard of beauty; we mustn't expect people to fit into moulds of external look, but should perceive people on the basis of their personality, actions and their own-self.

Materials: porcelain, dried glue, resin and silk fibers.     

Mixed media

The Unknown

                                   “DREAMS are the
          royal ROAD to the unconscious.” 
                                                                                                   ― Sigmund                                 Freud

Through this project I explored different perceptions of dreams.
This artwork represents a woman that I crafted out of polymer clay, growing out of a dark-magical mountain. The mountain, investigates the unconscious mind; it represents a world of chaos, nightmares and dreams alike.

Materials: polymer clay, plaster, silk fibers, oils, branches, flowers and dry ice.
​Dimensions: doll-  45X10X8cm                    mountain- 25X55X50cm




Child of the pure unclouded brow
And dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet, and I and thou
Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy-tale.
חלקי בובות.JPG
I have not seen thy sunny face,
Nor heard thy silver laughter:
No thought of me shall find a place
In thy young life’s hereafter--
Enough that now thou wilt not fail
To listen to my fairy-tale.
בית לבן תכלת (2).png
בית שחור לבן 4.JPG
A tale begun in other days,
When summer suns were glowing--
A simple chime, that served in time
The rhythm of our rowing--
Whose echoes live in memory yet,
Though envious years would say “forget”.
Come, hearken then, ere voice of dread,
With bitter tidings laden,
Shall summon to unwelcome bed
A melancholy maiden!
We are but older children, dear,
Who fret to find our bedtime near.
בית אדום 1.png
Without, the frost, the blinding snow,
The storm-wind’s moody madness--
Within, the firelight’s ruddy glow,
And childhood’s nest of gladness.
The magic words shall hold thee fast:
Thou shalt not heed the raving blast.
And, though the shadow of a sigh
May tremble through the story,
For “happy summer days” gone by,
And vanish’d summer glory--
It shall not touch with breath of bale,
The pleasance of our fairy-tale.
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