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Harry Potter Mandrake Illustration
"I have DREAMT in my life,
that have stayed with me ever after,
                          and changed my ideas;
                                    they have gone through me,
like wine through water, and altered the

                                   COLOUR of my mind". 
                                                                 Emily Bronte
The Other Mrs Samson- Detail
Flying fox- Watercolour on paper
Digital Portrait
The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern fan art

My Story

I have always been passionate about storytelling.
I remember spending days and nights dreaming stories, bringing them to life with strokes of paint. To me, creating art is much more than a decorative thing, it's a way of communication, of telling tales & creating imaginary worlds.

I knew my destiny was to become an artist before I could walk. I was eager to learn everything- from different techniques to expression of concepts and ideas; I have never stopped painting and learning ever since.
I find that the thing which interests me the most is creating artworks that tell a story & express feelings; I like to explore ways to connect the viewers to my art on a deep emotional level.  

In 2019, I graduated from a high school of arts as well as from a program of art studies at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. It was then when I realised that it was time for me to begin my professional artistic career. With a lot of hard work, I finally opened Romi Lindenberg - my own business, dedicated to illustration services and commissioned art. 

These days, I work as a full-time illustrator, spending most of my days in my little fairy-core, surrounded by paints, paper and lots of dreams!
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