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Hi folks! It has been a while since I wrote something on this blog. As I realised I hardly ever share anything except for art, I've decided to use this blog to write stuff about myself and my personal life, so that we can hopefully get better acquainted.

So here we go with a summary of the past year and some general chitchat. 2022 brought many changes into my life. The main one was the beginning of my university studies, in London. I packed my things, took a flight and found myself in a completely new country (it doesn't matter how many times I've visited it before, living somewhere is worlds apart from being a tourist!). This transition has been quite difficult for me and is something I'm still struggling with- from making new friends to getting used to the culture and most importantly, being away from home.

For now, I focus on creating new artworks, visiting museums and trying new things. Hopefully, soon London will start feeling more like home...

Now to more uplifting news! In Dec, my parents decided to expand the family and adopted the sweetest puppy, Sky. When coming to visit my hometown, it only took a few seconds to realise we were going to be best friends. Right now, Sky is 4 months old. He's growing very fast and loves to play in the garden (and mostly enjoys being naughty, but in the cutest way!).

Another thing I would like to share is some art-related updates; many exciting things are about to come in the new year! Firstly, I would like to announce that me and the most amazing brand, Son De Flor, have been working on a special collaboration that will be released this spring. This project brings me so much joy and I'm truly grateful for being a part of it ♡

Second, some new services are to come soon. More information will be shared on my Instagram page soon, so keep your eyes open...

I hope 2023 has had a wonderful start for you. May it bring you joy and happiness!

Yours truly,


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Hello kindered spirits! How are you doing these days?

During the past months, I've been working on a very special collaboration with the most amazing brand, Pyne&Smith. In this article, I'm going to tell you all about it!

Recently, Pyne&Smith released their beautiful autumn collection. To celebrate it in a unique way, I and Joanna, the designer and amazing woman behind the brand, decided to create a postcard that features one of the dresses from the new collection; one which brings the cosy autumn spirit into the air.

The dress Joanna chose for me to illustrate is Model no.30 in Margate Plaid Linen. I was so happy about this, as I'm in love with its design; it seemed, and indeed, proved to be, such an interesting garment to paint!

I painted the postcard using watercolours and decorated it with a lot of warm & reddish coloured flowers. For the background, I used delicate rice paper, stamped with a lovely floral pattern. I felt like the petals on the paper will connect perfectly with the actual flowers.

I was so happy about the way this postcard came out. This project was a fantastic experience!

Pyne&Smith, thanks for having me! Joanna, thank you for this collaboration, I had a truly amazing time working with you- What you do is truly amazing! 🧡

Check out Pyne&Smith on:

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