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Collaboration With Pyne & Smith!

Hello kindered spirits! How are you doing these days?

During the past months, I've been working on a very special collaboration with the most amazing brand, Pyne&Smith. In this article, I'm going to tell you all about it!

Recently, Pyne&Smith released their beautiful autumn collection. To celebrate it in a unique way, I and Joanna, the designer and amazing woman behind the brand, decided to create a postcard that features one of the dresses from the new collection; one which brings the cosy autumn spirit into the air.

The dress Joanna chose for me to illustrate is Model no.30 in Margate Plaid Linen. I was so happy about this, as I'm in love with its design; it seemed, and indeed, proved to be, such an interesting garment to paint!

I painted the postcard using watercolours and decorated it with a lot of warm & reddish coloured flowers. For the background, I used delicate rice paper, stamped with a lovely floral pattern. I felt like the petals on the paper will connect perfectly with the actual flowers.

I was so happy about the way this postcard came out. This project was a fantastic experience!

Pyne&Smith, thanks for having me! Joanna, thank you for this collaboration, I had a truly amazing time working with you- What you do is truly amazing! 🧡

Check out Pyne&Smith on:

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