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‘Be depressed or sad, as in I was really feeling blue after she told me she was leaving. The use of blue to mean “sad” dates from the late 1300s. See also blue funk, def. 2; have the blues.’

“Feeling blue” is usually being said in the context of feeling very sad or depressed. The idiom is dated back to the 1300s, where the word pair was mentioned in a poem by the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. The idiom was first used in the context of sadness in 1807 by Washington Irving. 


Sadness is a very deep emotion which in my opinion, can influence and shape a person in ways other emotions cannot. It is an emotion that makes us feel valnurable, yet very often helps to get to know oneselves better. The idiom “feeling blue” connects to me because I’m a visual thinker and often associate colours with certain terms and ideas. When I think of sadness, I always have a very specific shade in my mind- a muted grayish blue. Like the ocean in winter. This project, is all about that- A headpiece that looks like the sad waves, that ties the wearer in water and blurs reality.

Copyright ©2023 Romi Lindenberg. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2023 Romi Lindenberg. All rights reserved.

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