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  Each DOLL was meticulously CRAFTED,
       using  classic PORCELAIN china              and dressed in       representations OF social normative OUTFITS."

This design series represents the role of dress in "fitting into society". 

This display strives to become a part of a greater conversation and investigation of the way people change their external appearances in according to strict social codes.​ Throughout this array of grotesque historical figures, I explore the way people "blindly" follow the fashion of their era out of fear of "standing out in the crowd"; of being seen as outsiders in their own society. These costumes address the yearning of individuals to be considered as "normal", respectable and acceptable and the crucial role dress has been playing in it throughout history and nowadays. 

My inspiration for this project came from research about Victorian Carte De Visite photographs as well as Freak Show posters and photographs. My aim was to design garments that represent the high-society fashion of different eras, while at the same time make the dolls appear strange in the eyes of modern audiences.
Each doll and dress was meticulously crafted by me, using classic porcelain china and antique silks.

Materials: porcelain, resin, silk, silk fibers, fabrics, preserved insects, dry leaves
Dimensions: 50X12X10cm (each doll).

Copyright ©2023 Romi Lindenberg. All rights reserved.

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