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The Journey of Creating a Watercolor Collage

Hi there! During the past week I have been working on some fox-themed collages and decided to share with you the process of making them.

These collages are fun and simple to make, they can be a great indoor activity to do these days for both creative kids and adults.

I'm really excited to share this tutorial with you, so let's get to work!

To make this collage you will need:

-blank paper + thick watercolour paper

- paint brushes (I use thin watercolor brushes)

-paint- you can use either watercolours or gouache

-colorful papers / old newspapers

- sparkles

- scissors + utility knife

- Mod-Podge glue

- dried flowers (optional)

1. For the first step, you will need to grab a small sheet of watercolour paper, some paint, paintbrushes and a glass of water. Then you can start by painting a small animal of your choice on the watercolour paper.

I decided to paint a red fox, which is one of my favourite animals! I used Winsor & Newton watercolours, I find that they are the most vibrant from all of the brands I have tried.

painting the animal using watercolors

2. After painting my fox, I cut it out using a utility knife. You want to be very careful while cutting the animal out, so you don't accidentally cut pieces from the painting itself.

cutting my fox out...
this little friend is ready for the next step!

3. The next step is to paint the moon behind the fox.for this step, you will need some more watercolour paper (you can use the leftovers from the paper you used on step 1). I painted a large light blue stain using watercolours, but you can paint any shape you like, just be creative!

4. I then mark a circle on the painted area using a round glass as my guide. I cut the circle out.

cutting my circle

5. I add a layer of sparkles to my moon (this is my favourite step!); I used Martha Stewart sparkling translucent acrylic paint for this step.

Adding sparkles!

6. Now you will want to rip some small pieces of colourful paper sheets/newspaper pages, which will be the background of the collage. I like to use used paper and old book pages; it's a great way to recycle papers that otherwise will be thrown away.

7. When all of the pieces are cut out, you can place them on a blank paper which will be the base of your collage. I recommend using a thick paper as a base since it will have to consist a large amount of glue later on...

Take your time, you can play with placing the pieces around until you like the way it looks.

all of the elements are ready

8. When you are happy with the way your collage looks, you can start sticking the paper scraps in place using Mod-Podge glue. Apply a thin layer of glue to the area where you want to stick your pieces, place them on the wet surface and apply another layer of glue over them.

Now is the time to add the dried flowers, leaves or any other decoration.

Note: don't apply Mod-Podge over the watercolour elements, this will smear the paint and may ruin your painting. You can attach the watercolour pieces by using a stronger type of glue such as E-6000 glue or hot-glue.

this is what I use to glue the elements with

And that's it! Your collage is ready and now you just have to wait until it is dried.

I really like making these collages! I love exploring combinations of different textures and materials.

Hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you learned something new! For the creative folks among you who decided to try it- you are welcome to share your collages with me, I will love to see them; just tag me (@romilindenberg) in your post!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

This collage will soon be available for purchase through my Etsy shop with lots of other new illustrations, for pre-order and commissions you can contact:

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