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Working on a new profile pic! + Time-lapse video

Hi folks! As most of you probably noticed, I created a new profile picture for my Insta. I wanted to share with you a little about the process of designing and makin this illustration.

I knew this illustration has to represent my inspiration, personality and visual taste. Therefore, it had to be historically inspired!

The first design was inspired by the 1900s, however, I felt like the final result didn’t reflect myself or my business… After much thought, I made a new sketch; this time, one that has a 1890’s-Green-Gables aesthetic. I’m happy I made this decision, as the new sketch simply felt RIGHT.

Then, I started working on the digital version. I chose a colour palette which connects to my inspiratio- natural earthy tones.

To sum up, my new profile pic immediately became one of my favourite pieces in my portfolio. I‘m extremely satisfied with the final result!

Below is a time-lapse recording of the process, hope you enjoy watching!

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